Our Vision

love.fwOur vision is to prepare each and every member, especially youth and leaders in the church with the wisdom, knowledge, understanding, skills and character to go on to serve, worship God & have successful peaceful & happier life to become a candidate for heaven.

Building strong and powerful churches which train people in spiritual things – Jesus Christ.
- To encourage people to come to the Lord.
- To encourage people to become fishers of men.
- To encourage people to become healers of men.
- To encourage people to become deliverers of men. Ie. Casting out evil spirits, setting people free.
- To encourage people to become miracle workers of men.
- To encourages people to speak with new tongues and be baptized.
- To encourages people to know the word and live by the word.
- To encourage people to do the will of the Lord.

 Capturing, touching and transforming communities with the fire of God.
 Helping solve physical issues and problems by spiritual means.
 Empowering ordinary people with nothing, but heart for God to become, or achieve G.R.E.A.T.N.E.S.S. in the Lord. Ie (Giving, Responsible, Earnest, Approachable, Transformed, Noticeable, Enlightened, Spiritual and Saved).
We fulfill this mission by being focused on the needs of our Children, Community, City, Country, Church, Continent & Confession made to God: and by building a real church that shares core values and support each other, and by using every minute of the day to help humanity anywhere.
W.P.F.M. is more than a school, work or home; it’s a powerful church.
W.P.F.M. is a life-time commitment – for leaders (Pastors, Elders, and Deacons) members and youth.
As such, it is not for everybody.
W.P.F.M. is a power church that expects that leaders (Pastors, Elders, Deacons Etc.) will work as hard as they possibly can to help all members & youth to achieve success, victory & salvation in the Lord.
And if that isn’t happening, W.P.F.M. expects changes. W.P.F.M. also expects members and youth to work very very hard towards achieving excellence in spirituality, morals and personal conduct.
Finally, W.P.F.M. expects that all members will make their youth salvation a family priority. It is only by working together, we will reach our goals.
W.P.F.M. expects more from its youth, more from its members, more from its leaders (Pastors, Elders Etc.) for only by expecting more can we achieve more.
Our high expectations require us to push our members and youth to reach higher, work harder and learn more than they have been asked to do before.
This pushing requires us to be both tough and loving. Some of our members and youth come from difficult circumstances, so we must be strong to nature them.
But we must also let them know that we care deeply for them as people. It is a tricky balance, but one that will truly help our members and youth to progress whiles holding them accountable to a very high standard for working and serving the Lord.
If we truly care about our members and youth, we need to use our energy to ensure that they have the wisdom, knowledge, understanding and skills they need to succeed.
If we only show caring but do not give them the tools to go forward, we have not given them enough of a gift.
They need a strong knowledge base, the ability to read, write, teach and solve problems well.
They must be able and analyze, synthesize, apply and evaluate – to think well.
Therefore at W.P.F.M., WORD comes first, for they will provide those tools.
One of the greatest motivator is success. We need to help out members and youth to be legitimately successful, not by giving some false praise to bolster so-called “self-esteem”, but from real gratification from real learning, praying, fasting, bible reading and sharing etc. and real work. They must see and believe that they can achieve.
 Success increases belief, and belief will motivate them to work for greater success.
In order to be successful and make it, we must be tenacious with them.
W.P.F.M. sets a high bar standard for our members and youth to get over. So we cajole, push, coax, demand and even drag our members until they get over. Only this kind of tenacity will achieve what has eluded so many other churches.
 Good teaching is part of the answer.
 Teaching that is engaging, rigorous and exciting will make the difference; teaching that is focused on attaining important standards; teaching that is focused on what youth and members actually learn, not just on what we teach. Teaching that gets youth working, involved, and having experience of God’s power.
Leaders (Pastors, Elders etc.) are the soul of the church just as members and youth are the heart of the church family.
It is the leaders (Pastors, Elders etc.) and members working together who make the real difference in the lives of the youth.
By working together, we will ensure their future success.
However, we must be real about the challenges that we face.
The challenges of life can breed resilient anger, despair and hopelessness. The gains we make every day can be undermined and even torn down by the forces of negativity.
We must all work every day to get our youth members to believe in the vision of hope and faith that we have for them.
We must work to get them internalize it – to truly see the glory. We must be strong, unrelenting, tenacious and loving with an almost religious zeal.
Nothing should be able to stop us in our collective endeavor to help our youth. We can make no excuses. We have the Power to make a difference.
We touch lives daily. We are leaders (Pastors, Elders etc.) and members working together with our youth to help them achieve greatness. This is what we deserve. This is what we hope for.
You may have talent, work ethics, skills, voice etc. but lack opportunities and might need opportunities, and W.P.F.M. will provide these opportunities to everyone.